Palm / Passion Sunday - Part 2

Fr. Jim Donohue.

Everything was ready for our Palm/Passion Sunday procession and Eucharist.

Of course, we passed by some cows on the way to the starting point! But we were making progress.

Palm Sunday 2-2

Upon finishing the procession, the Eucharist began in the church. You can see that it was packed with parishioners.

The choir chanted the Passion Narrative, with people taking different parts.

Palm Sunday 2-8
Palm Sunday 2-9
If I look relaxed, it is because I did not have to read the entire Passion Narrative in Swahili!

People gathered after the Eucharist to meet, to talk, to be together.

Meanwhile, I heard that Fr. Maciej, Fr. Yohana, and Br. Michael are still walking in their procession from Magunga to Biatika!

And to round things off, Fr. Phillip, Fr. Andrzej, and Br. Mosses made it from Poland to Rome. Here they are celebrating Mass in the chapel of the Motherhouse.

Palm Sunday 2-21
More to come on

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