Set Out

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for March 31, Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection

Set Out

Can you imagine what would have happened if Peter and John in this Sunday’s Gospel did not set out?  I suppose they would have found out about the Resurrection like the other disciples.

But each character in the Resurrection appearances has a unique story because Jesus met them in their story, whether it is Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, Thomas, the disciples on the road to Emmaus, etc.

None of them set out thinking “we’re going to have an Easter experience” or “we’re going to meet the Risen Lord”.  They responded in the way that they did, and became part of the Easter story.

What it means to “set out” is going to look different for each one of us based on what is going on in our life right now and the choices we face.  It won’t be something we can control or predict.  But if we are willing to set out, we will meet the Risen Jesus, just like the disciples, and we will become part of the Easter story today.

“We desire to be faithful to the grace received by our founders, a grace we now share by our call to the Congregation of the Resurrection… … We believe that in his love the Father calls us to conversion: to personal resurrection in union with Jesus, to a new life filled with the power of his Spirit… …The power of the Spirit forms Christ in us, and moves us to respond with love to the Father's great love for us.”

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