Share Lent – Solidarity Sunday

This coming Sunday, March 17, is Solidarity Sunday.  Development and Peace’ Reaping our Rights campaign invites you to give generously and thanks you warmly for your generosity.

Your donation transforms the lives of some of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers across the world.

“Development and Peace — Caritas Canada accompanies, supports and respects our institutional autonomy. It creates a climate of trust. I thank our sisters and brothers in Canada for their solidarity, a solidarity that generates life opportunities, that accompanies the dreams of women and men, of families, of communities and territories. Thank you!” ― Eva Colque, Executive Director, Fundación NUNA, a partner in Bolivia

Help create hope and dreams of the communities we support in the Global South by giving to your Share Lent parish collection or at Thank you for your solidarity!

As you consider your donation for Share Lent this year, pray with the weekly reflection by clicking the button below.