Someone Had a Birthday - Part 1

Fr. Jim Donohue.

The day started off with Mass. I was presiding and Fr. Yohana was preaching. Before the conclusion of Mass, Fr. Maciej invited me to sit in a chair in front of the altar. Then each student—youngest to oldest—came forward to shake my hand and to give me a gift. Most of the gifts were small packages of cookies or some candies. But I also received a great looking shirt!

This is a photo of “some” of my gifts for the day from the children at the pre-primary and primary school!

I could smell something wonderful in the kitchen, and when I went to investigate, I saw the Master Chef cooking up some meatballs in mushroom sauce!

Then the celebration really began. Fr. William Nyuke, a Franciscan from Musoma, joined us for the day. Then we were ready for the feast…including the meatballs!

More to come on

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