3rd Sunday in Easter - Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

April 28, 2017

The third Sunday of Easter has one common, encouraging theme: No matter what happens in our lives, the risen Jesus is always with us.  God is near to those who seek Him and who want to live in His presence, doing His will.  The Emmaus incident is the story of a God who will not leave us alone when we are hurt and disappointed. In the gospel, we see the disciples living in the past, the old ways (better?), but hoping for future ways of living. The bottom has fallen out of their dreams. Shattered dreams now! They miss Jesus in their presence. They, and we, are in the league in “almosts”, and in “if onlys”. But Jesus knows they are lost, they need directions. Isn’t that often true of us? We were hoping that.... but, a personal goal failed, someone died, a friendship rerouted, an illness. The story promises us, however, that Jesus will come to us in unfamiliar guises to support and strengthen us when we least expect our risen Lord.  Emmaus moments come to us when we meet the risen Christ on our life’s journey through rough times.  Is God absent or are we absent to his presence? Can we let God make a difference in our daily lives? 

We meet Jesus daily in our life’s journey. Through the faithful reading of, and meditation on, the Bible on a daily basis we meet our risen Lord through the Word of God, we commune with him.  We renew our relationship with Jesus through prayer. He wants to join us in our travels of life. Are you open to Jesus being your travelling companion?

What we need to do today, then, is to follow Jesus. Like the disciples, Jesus sends us out to one another, to profess the Good News, to bring HOPE into our world.  To be witnesses to his presence.  And that makes the difference. To believe in the Resurrection is to believe in Hope! Jesus has been beamed down. To follow him now is to be beamed up. God so loved our world that he has sent “us” that we might have life and life in abundance. What do we do? Keep working at love!