28th Sunday In Ordinary Time - Sunday, October 15, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

October 13, 2017

What would your reaction be if you woke up one morning to receive a genuine invitation from any of the following world figures: President Trump, Pope Francis, the Queen of England, etcetera, asking you to join them for a dinner party in a couple of days time? How much happier would you be if the invitation reads: “Your visa is ready for the journey, and everything you need would be made available to you?” Today God hands out an invitation to everyone of us. The difference between this invitation and that of the world is that, while the world’s bear inscriptions like: “Strictly by invitation, only for very important personalities (VIPs). Admission fee for single, $10.00; for couple, $15; and family, $20;” God’s invitation simply reads: “You (everyone) are all invited, you are to pay nothing, and all you need shall be provided.” The good news is that God, the Creator himself is inviting each one of us personally to his banquet!

The Gospel teaches us that all of us are invited to the Feast of God’s Kingdom. But, for our part, we must come prepared…in the words of the Gospel, dressed for the part. And our clothing for God’s kingdom is not Calvin Klein or Versace. Our clothing for God’s kingdom is a life dressed in integrity and honesty. It is a life filled with the heroism of virtue and the courage to work to make right all those mistakes that we can so easily make. The heroes in life…the heroes of God’s kingdom….are not just those whose greatness is recognized by medals or accolades. More often than not the heroes of God’s kingdom are people like you and me who repent of our failings and try to do what is right and what is good in each and every moment of our lives.