31st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

October 31, 2017

Of all of the evils that confronted Jesus, one of the greatest was hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the deliberate misleading pose by which we imply to others that we live one way when in actual fact we really live another way.

Often, we hold up high expectations of others, holding them to extremely high standards in solving human problems without lifting a finger to help solve those problems ourselves. It’s good to have high ideals and high standards in how we live. We need to teach our children to have them and lead them in living out those standards and ideals. But at the same time, we should realize that children are quick, very quick, to recognize when we are not living up to them ourselves. We need to be sure we are providing them with good examples by trying to live free of hypocrisy. We should always propose and never impose without observing our ideals in the ways we are living. No one, has a monopoly on hypocrisy. None of us is perfect in this respect.

What, then, are we to do? The first thing we must do is to admit that there is a tremendous gap between what we are and what we ought to be. We need above all else, to acknowledge and recognize the truth about ourselves and then, asking for God’s mercy, set about amending our lives.

How you have committed your life to sharing the love of God? Is there room for improvement? Is there a lack of sharing the love of God? Is the sharing of God's love too public, too self-seeking? Ask yourself how Jesus would judge your commitment to share God's love if He was present before you? The Gospel invites us to be transformed and to live in a new way and the Eucharist that we celebrate today invites us to live as Christ lived and to have the same love with which he lived.