Feast of Christ the King - Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Father Jim Valk

November 23, 2017

The definition of a “King” is the sole and absolute ruler of a kingdom holding a position of great power and majesty. How did the people in Pilate’s time perceive Pilate? As someone rich, powerful, dominating, and manipulative? How did the people perceive Jesus? After all, “he was born in a stable”.  Someone who associated with tax-collectors, sinners and prostitutes. He avoided all show of earthly power and authority. You would expect kings to receive important people and dignitaries. Jesus was a humble king who received the lowly and rejected people of his era. Kings expected to receive gifts. Jesus on the other hand, gave gifts. The values in Jesus’ kingdom are service and humility.  There is no room for envy or greed or lust of power in Jesus’ kingdom.  Even though Jesus is a king, he was totally powerless on the cross; he could not even save himself.  Kings wear a crown. What sort of crown did Jesus wear? Are those who are in charge of our world today using their power to serve others or to manipulate? Are they using their power for building up a more just society or simply feathering their own nest? Are they using their power to try and alleviate the pain or cause more pain?

His kingdom doesn’t have a castle or a court. It isn’t a place of royal fanfare.  It isn’t even found on a map.  It is a kingdom that dwells within the human heart.  Its great defining landmark is the cross.  A kingdom where the true power lies in being powerless.  It is a place where we are called to love, to give, until there is nothing left.  Our faith calls us to stand beside the weak and the helpless, the persecuted and the forgotten, regardless of race or religion.  We stand for life. We stand for Hope. We do it for this reason: Our King is Christ.