3rd Sunday of Easter - Sunday, May 5, 2019

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Father Fred Scinto

April 30, 2019

The Easter Season beautifully and powerfully makes clear that God (God) pursues us – and each one of us! God is a God Who is madly in love with all of us and each one of us!  Our Beloved Hound of Heaven! Today’s Scripture Readings ooze with this depiction.  The depth of God’s love for us is incomprehensible; and how far God goes because of this blows our mind because this love is infinite, unmistakable, unstoppable and overwhelming.

A little exercise at this point.  Go to today’s Gospel.  Note Jesus shows Himself in love to His disciples.  Because the scriptures are about today, this means the Risen One shows Himself to us today.  Let Him show Himself to you in love for a reflective moment before moving on!

Today is a Promise Sunday. Be sure to see how many Easter promises God makes to us today.  Note the promises of Jesus to us today as Saint Peter outlines them for us in the First Reading.  The Responsorial Psalm describes how God will fully deliver us.  The Second Reading gives us the details of a vision Saint John had: the reading is jammed with implications for us in terms of blessings.  In the Gospel the Risen One comes to us and feeds us (note Eucharistic colouring here). The 153 fish – food given to us and disciples as Christ’s food to and for us; automatically we think of Eucharist.

There is irony in God’s great love for us because this love is brought to us by bringing “this man’s [Jesus’] blood on us” (First Reading). This raises us up.  (See the Responsorial Psalm).  The power of Easter? “Lord, change our mourning into dancing!” (Responsorial Psalm).

All of us are called to join the Second Reading’s angelic choir so that we can cry out with joy to God (Entrance Antiphon). The Easter graces do not end here.  The man/woman to whom Jesus shows Himself as resurrected is expected to undertake the Easter task as mission: this means taking care of each other! Will this be easy? No! The Gospel is very clear that “someone else [God?] will fasten a belt around us and take us where we do not wish to go” - words that are not easy to understand but which point to the fact solid Faith lived out is always costly. The Gospel shows this to be true of Saint Peter. And us!

Today’s Scriptural Readings are excellent to show us clearly that the Word of God must be the beating heart of the Church (Pope Francis). Please be confident in the hope that all the above comments raise in us.  Normally the Responsorial Psalm is prayed very quickly: do not let this happen today.  The Responsorial Psalm is our response to God that we will be faithful in our response to God as it is elicited by God’s Word.

In sum, Christ’s Resurrection is God’s greatest gift to us and it calls all of us to be Resurrectionists!

Christ is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!