5th Sunday of Lent - Sunday, April 7, 2019

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Father Toby Collins

April 10, 2019

One of the most significant phrases in the Gospels emerges this Sunday when Jesus says "neither do I condemn you" to the woman caught in adultery.  By law, Jesus had every right to condemn her but he chooses not to.  Perhaps even a compassionate glance accompanied his words that continue to soften so many hardened hearts. 

Today we still reward each other for correctly accusing someone and assigning a punishment we deem to be just.  We still sometimes judge ourselves with laws that are not rooted in charity.  It often happens quietly and repeatedly without the objection of our savior and mentor waiting to stand upright and offer us insight if only we took a moment to interrupt his writing on the ground.

It seems that if we dare to align ourselves with this woman, or the men ready to throw stones at her, we must also be open to Christ being in our midst.  Calling us to a truth about the sin that is within us trying to hide at times from a triumphant and relenting call to mercy. A call that demands we see ourselves as loveable despite our weakness.  A mercy that awakens us to the beauty and potential in us all when we might choose to condemn and forget to be loving and kind.  May Christ continue to be with us during this Lenten journey and may his love melt all that keeps our hearts from remaining soft and open to receiving and extending God's mercy.

Submitted by Fr. Toby Collins, C.R.