Easter Sunday - Sunday, April 21, 2019

Father Paul Voisin's picture

Father Paul Voisin

April 15, 2019

During the lengthy Lenten season we have avoided the ‘A’ word, Alleluia.  Now it is time to proclaim it loud – ALLELUIA!!  The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is not only a date on the calendar – April 21 this year – or even the weeks that the Easter candle continues in the sanctuary of the Church, but should be about the attitude of hope that we bring to the world.  This is the Charism of the Congregation of the Resurrection – hope – that God can do the impossible and the improbable.  The disciples did not understand the words of Jesus about his ‘rising’.  They thought it impossible and improbable that they would see Jesus again, but he did appear to them, and spoke to them, and was touched by them, and ate with them.  God continues to give us hope today, and can continue to do the impossible and the improbable if we are open to him.    Our challenge is to live and proclaims this hope EACH day of the year.  That is the true meaning, celebration and living out of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.