18th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Father Paul Voisin

July 29, 2019

In our human condition, we sometimes lose sight of what is really important.  Ambition and being industrious are not bad things; being wealthy is not bad.  However the criticism of Jesus in this gospel (and others) is because often the fruits of this ‘success’ leads people to become independent of God, forgetting that all that they have and are has come from God.  It also can lead to a breakdown with others, feeling superior and more worthy.  Our true treasure is not in barns, grains and goods, but in the values and virtues of the kingdom of God.  These last forever!  These cannot be stolen or burned, because they are in the heart, mind and spirit.  That is where true happiness and satisfaction lies, and that endures to eternal life.   Let us not be foolish and lose sight of what is truly important, and our need for God and others.



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