22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, September 1, 2019

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Father Jim Donohue

August 26, 2019

I was at a perpetual vow ceremony last weekend. I did not know anyone there and was unfamiliar with the practices of this group. I asked another priest if we should sit in a particular place and he indicated that this was a suitable place for us. No sooner had we sat down, and someone came by to explain to us that we were sitting in the section reserved for the family. The person “graciously” led us toward the back of the room where the clergy were to sit! This led, of course, to some TEMPORARY embarrassment.

Now, if we think a situation like this is embarrassing, then we need to recognize that in the context of Luke’s Gospel—where there will be a great reversal of fortune in the kingdom of God—what it would be like, in the life to come, when it is PERMANENT. If everything is reversed in the kingdom of God, those who now sit with the poor and the lowly are destined for promotion, while those who sit now with the rich and the powerful will find themselves in the lowest places. In other words, being hospitable to the poor now in this world will store up the treasure that really matters—the welcome into the hospitality of God that lasts forever.