4th Sunday of Easter - Sunday, May 3, 2020

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Father Paul Voisin

April 27, 2020

Jesus tells us that His sheep “know his voice”, whereas they “do not recognize the voice of strangers”.  That is the key to being one of the fold of Jesus Christ.  We know his voice!  This means fine-tuning our ears to His voice – in prayer, in the Scriptures, and in the teachings of the Church.  This awareness sends us running in the opposite direction from those voices which call us away from gospel-values, away from the kingdom of God, and away from God’s love and truth as revealed in the Good Shepherd.  However, as faithful sheep, we are also called to ‘shepherd’, to lead others to hear his voice and distinguish it from the voices that confuse and disorient, the voices that create chaos and division.  We may not be aware of ‘shepherding’ and think that it is only for Jesus, or for those ordained, but we all have an impact and influence in the lives of others, and we all can transmit that voice to others by our words and actions, and help them to fine-tune their ears to listen, and follow faithfully.