Synod on Synodality

On October 4, 2023 the Synod on Synodality began in Rome.  Those participating had already been in Rome for a week, attending a retreat in preparation for the Synod.  Although much of the discussions and discernment of the Synod are kept private during the gathering, we are still able to participate by keeping up to date with news briefings and the liturgies which are broadcast for the public. 

We invite you during this important Synod on Communion, Participation and Mission, to pray each day for those who are in attendance.  You can find the Adsumus Sancte Spiritus prayer below, which the Pope has asked us to pray.  

As Resurrectionists we are a community of Hope.  We invite you to listen to the meditation given by Father Timothy Peter Joseph Radcliffe, OP at the first retreat session before the Synod began, entitled Hoping against Hope.