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Transfiguration of the Lord – August 6, 2023

Reflection by:

Reflection by:

Alice Soeder - Apostle of the Resurrection

In today’s scripture readings Jesus is revealed very clearly as the link between human and divine.  In Daniel we see an awe-inspiring vision of the Kingdom of God, an intimidating vista of fire and judgement, with God the Father ruling over all those who serve him.  Into this fearful place walks Jesus, in human-like form, ready to intercede for us, and rule over humanity with strength and mercy.  How could we ever hope to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven without Jesus preparing a place for us?

The Second Letter of Peter presents a more familiar setting, God’s creation in which we live.  Here it can be easy to focus only on what we can see with our human eyes; we can get stuck in the joys and sorrows of this life and forget the divine.  Peter reminds us that his proclamation of the divinity of Jesus was not based on myths, but on his own eyewitness of Jesus being transfigured on Mount Tabor, and God’s voice claiming Jesus as his Son.  Even here in this mortal world Jesus’ divinity was clearly established.

Finally, Matthew’s account of the Transfiguration brings the humanity and divinity of Jesus together.  The disciples follow Jesus the man up the mountain, and there they are overcome by the power of God the Father, struck down in wonder and awe of this divinity.  Jesus, himself divine, reaches down to the disciples and lifts them up.  He is the bridge between humanity and divinity.  Jesus makes it possible for us to live holy lives here on earth, and prepares a room for us in heaven.  Jesus took our humanity upon himself so that when we enter into eternal life we too can experience the divine. 

Let us pray today to Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man, that he may help us to always strive towards the divine and in our humanity be humble enough to know that only with God is everything possible. 

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