Where Do You Need Christ’s Peace in Your Life?

A Resurrectionist Vocation Minute for April 7, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Where do you need Christ’s Peace in your life? 

Although the Apostles had heard witnesses proclaim that Jesus had risen, they were still consumed by fear. They had “locked the house and their hearts” (St. Peter Chrysologus). Their minds were darkened with grief.

However, another encounter with Christ transformed their state entirely. When “Christ greeted his disciples with the words peace be with you, by peace he meant himself, for Christ’s presence always brings tranquility of soul” (Cyril of Alexandria).

Is there an area where you desperately need such peace and God’s presence? Christ continues to infuse our lives with peace and courage, empowering us to proclaim His message of hope.

“As Resurrectionists we will strive to witness to this transforming power of God’s love, not only in our own personal lives, but also in community life. We will allow this love to overcome the fears and heal the wounds that keep us isolated from one another so that we can become a true community of disciples united in mind and heart”

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