World Day of the Sick 2023


Tomorrow, February 11, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, and World Day of the Sick. 

In his message for this World Day of the Sick, Pope Francis recalls the parable of the Good Samaritan.  This parable illustrates God’s call to all people to live in fraternity, to care for each other and to recognize the worth in all people, especially those who are in most need of assistance and care. 

“The World Day of the Sick calls for prayer and closeness towards those who suffer. Yet it also aims to raise the awareness of God’s people, healthcare institutions and civil society with regard to a new way of moving forward together. … Covid-19 has strained the great networks of expertise and solidarity, and has exposed the structural limits of existing public welfare systems.  Gratitude, then, needs to be matched by actively seeking, in every country, strategies and resources in order to guarantee each person’s fundamental right to basic and decent healthcare.”

The Congregation of the Resurrection witnesses to the importance of community through our spirituality, and in our mission to work for the resurrection of all people.  On this World Day of the Sick we encourage all to pray for those who are sick, to support those who care for them, and to reach out and get involved yourself.  Visit someone who is sick, bring a care package to someone who works in healthcare, call someone who is homebound. 

Let us be the ones to begin a #CompassionRevolution!