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February 3, 2017




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What Have Been The Responses To Francis’ Visit to Sweden? (Continued)


  • As we continue to examine the responses to Francis’ Visit to Sweden, we will look at the Catholic extremist response of the Fatima Crusaders in their last issue, Issue 116, which was noted in the last Consortium newsletter.The Crusaders are not the only extremist group – unfortunately, there are others but we will focus on them as an extremist type to show us what this looks like.I will quote them without any comments of mine so that I am not biasing what they say; ahead of time, please let me personally state that I apologize for their content which is way off the Catholic position.Thank you.The material below is taken from the article, “Celebrating an Apocalyptic Plague: The 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Revolt” by John Vennari, pages 21-24 and 26-32.

    • “in the early part of the 20th Century, Saint Maximilian Kolbe warned that ‘Ecumenism is the enemy of the Immaculata’.“The pre-Vatican II popes uniformly condemned the very ecumenism nurtured since the Council, for it effectively places the one true Church established by Christ on the same level as counterfeit religions.The insanity of today’s practice of ecumenism will be illustrated by a closer look at the Arch-heretic Martin Luther and the devastation he wrought.”

    • The Book of Revelation at 9:1-3 speaks of a pit from which smoke comes as well as powerful locusts, whose power is the same as scorpions of the earth.“Devout Catholic Scriptural commentators for the past 500 years have seen in this vision a prediction of Luther and his Protestant Revolt.”

    • The article quotes one authority, Father Herman Bernard Kramer, in his The Book of Destiny.“Luther did truly open the pit and let loose against the Church all the fury of hell.Therefore modern interpreters almost universally see in this fallen star, Luther.”And “Father Kramer references the eminent Scriptural commentator Cornelius a Lapide as making this point.” (ibid.)

    • “The whole description of the locusts,” Father Kramer explains, “fits down to the last detail the kings and princes who established by force the heresy of the 16th Century.”He continues, “When Luther propounded his heretical and immoral doctrine, the sky became as it were obscured by smoke.It spread very rapidly over some regions of the earth, and it brought forth princes and kings who were eager to despoil the Church of her possessions.They compelled the people of their domains and in the territories robbed from the Church to accept the doctrines of Luther.The proponents of Protestantism made false translations of the Bible and misled the people into their errors by apparently proving from the ‘Bible’ (their own translations) the correctness of their doctrines.It was all deceit, lying and hypocrisy.Bad and weak, lax and lukewarm, indifferent and non-practicing Catholic and those who had neglected to get thorough instruction were thus misled; and these, seeing the Catholic Church now through this smoke of error from the abyss and beholding a distorted caricature of the true Church, began both to fear and hate her.”

    • “As for Luther, he did ‘everything to instill hatred of the [Catholic] Church into the hearts of his followers.’Father Kramer explains: ‘The princes of Germany eagerly took up Lutheranism to become the spiritual heads of the churches in their domains and to plunder the Church.Their assumed jurisdiction in spiritual matters was usurpation … In Denmark, Norway and Sweden the Kings imposed Lutheranism upon the people by the power of the sword and by lying, deceit and hypocrisy.They left the altars in the churches and had apostate priests use vestments and external trappings of the Catholic Church to mislead the people.They crushed out the Catholic faith by terrorism, by making it a felony and treason to remain a Catholic.Each monarch made himself the spiritual head of the church in his kingdom.They had so-called historians falsify history to arouse hatred against the Church in the hearts of the people.They pretended to prove the truth of Lutheranism by false translations of the Bible made by Luther and by others and by still false interpretations of it.Those princes and kings were the locusts appearing in the vison of Saint John [The Book of Revelation].They had the teeth of lions to terrify lukewarm Catholics into submission.’” (ibid.)

    • In a commentary on our old Catholic Bible (the Douay Rheims Bible), we read:

“Luther and his followers propagated and defended their new doctrines with such heat and violence as to occasion everywhere seditions and insurrections which they seemed to glory in.  Luther openly boasted of it.  ‘You complain,’ said he, ‘that by our gospel the world is become more tumultuous; I answer, God be thanked for it; these things I would have so to be, and woe to me if such things were not.’

“The Commentary further explains that indeed the sun was darkened since the light of faith was darkened by the widespread heresy of Protestantism.  The revered Redemptorist Father Michael Müller elucidates how those Protestant ‘reforms’ snuffed out the light of true Faith:

‘They dissected the Catholic faith till they reduced it to a mere skeleton; they lopped off the reality of the body and blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, the divine Christian sacrifice offered in the Mass, confession of sins, most of the sacraments, penitential exercises, several of the canonical books of Scripture, the invocations of the saints, celibacy, most of the General Councils of the Church, and all present Church authority; they perverted the nature of justification, asserting that faith alone justifies man; they made God the author of sin, and maintained the observance of the commandments to be impossible.’

  • “Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton, the eminent American theologian, rightly observed [in 1962] that Martin Luther’s alleged Reformation of the Church ‘consisted in an effort to have people abandon the Catholic Faith, and relinquish their membership in the one true Church militant of the New Testament, so as to follow his teaching and enter into his organization.’”

  • And “this is what the Lutheran revolt was, the tearing away of millions of souls from the one true Church of Christ, and probable consignment of millions to eternal hellfire.The Protestant revolt is nothing to celebrate! [emphasis added]

  • “In the present ecumenical climate, the above-mentioned facts receive little press, since ecumenical Catholics regard these truths as an embarrassment.Much of what saints, theologians and the Church herself taught regarding the errors and dangers of Protestantism are either not mentioned, or explained away as pathetic ignorance of a bygone era.Thanks to Vatican II, the Church has allegedly outgrown its juvenile counter-reformation stance that was based on the ghetto mentality of ‘no salvation outside the Catholic Church.’ The ecumenical Catholic has effectively abandoned the true God of Catholicism to serve the false god of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue.He incinerates the Church’s anti-Protestant doctrine as burnt offerings to his new deity.” (ibid.)

  • Going along in this direction of thought, “take, for example, what faithful Catholics have observed about Luther.David Goldstein, the zealous convert from Judaism who was called ‘a 20th Century Saint Paul,’ rightly remarked:

‘The father of the first Protestant Church [Luther] changed the 28th verse of the 3rd chapter of Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans to make it fit his doctrine that Christian faith minus Christian works is sufficient for salvation: “We hold that man is justified without works by the law of faith alone.” To one of his followers who complained that objection was being made to this perversion of the sacred text, Luther gave the cold comfort: “If any Papist annoys you with the word (alone) tell him straightway: Doctor Martin Luther will have it so: Papist and ass are one and the same thing.” (Amic. Discussion, I, 127).’

  • “Goldstein goes on to explain the brutality of the Lutheran revolt: ‘The soldiers of the princes slaughtered the peasants, pillaged the churches and prevented Catholic worship in public.In this way Lutheranism was made the doctrine of the first Protestant Church – the State Church of Germany (1520).’

  • “Goldstein further points out Luther denied the binding force of the moral law: ‘We must remove the Decalogue [The Ten Commandments] out of sight and heart’ (De Wette, IV, 188), and again, ‘If Moses should attempt to intimidate you with his stupid Ten Commandments, tell him right out: “Chase yourselves to the Jews” (Works, Wittenberg, ed. V, 1573).’

  • “Luther, an ordained priest and consecrated religious, wantonly broke his vow of celibacy to God, and married a nun, also under a vow of celibacy.Of Luther’s debased teachings, Goldstein observed: ‘Luther’s writings regarding matters of sex are the opposite of things decent.Only in Socialist free love writings have we seen condemnation of them.There Luther’s lewd writings have won for him distinction as the “classic exponent” of “healthful sensualism” (Bebel, Woman, p. 78, New York, 1910).Too many times through the centuries immoralities have disgraced the Christian ministry, but Luther has the unenviable distinction of having defended sex sins as “necessary.”’

  • “One of Luther’s ultimate disgraces was his giving permission to Phillip Landgrave of Hesse to have two wives at once.Luther, Melancthon, Bauer and five other Protestant preachers, signed the license.

  • “Thus it is degeneracy that our Catholic Church leaders plan to celebrate in the 500th anniversary of a man who spent his life debasing Christian revelation.Yet it is not surprising.We saw similar madness in 1983, when a high Catholic churchman [Saint Pope John Paul II!] praised Luther for his ‘deep religiousness,’ thus voicing unqualified public esteem for a man whose warped religious views led him to reject the true Church, deny his priesthood, and teach that the Mass was an abomination worse than the most loathsome brothel.” (ibid.)


  • In the section entitled “Where There Is No Hatred of Heresy, There Is No Holiness,” the following comments are made.

  • “Forgotten in this ecumenical maelstrom is the fact that Protestantism is heresy, and heresy is a sin.In the objective order, it is a mortal sin against Faith that sends souls to hell for eternity.The [famous] revered Father Frederick Faber explained that heresy is ‘the sin of sins, the very loathsome of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world … It is the polluting of God’s truth, which is the worst of all impurities.’

         “Thus, Father Faber observed, ‘where there is no hatred of heresy, there is no holiness.’  Likewise, Saint Alphonsus Liguori spoke of the duty to fight heresy because it kills our souls and the souls of others.

  • “But for today’s Catholic leaders, the heresy of Protestantism is no longer a problem.Have these leaders no love of Catholic doctrine? If they did, they would publicly oppose the Protestant heresies that disgorge it.Have they no love of souls?If they did, they would not pretend that a Protestant can be saved by remaining in his own man-made religion that teems with errors absent the express teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • “None of this matters to ecumenists like the Vatican’s Bishop Brian Farrell who looked ahead misty-eyed to 2017, and requests profound study of ‘what the Reformation meant and what it has meant down the centuries and what it actually means today …’ Yet he need not embark on yet another profound study, since one of the greatest Popes in history made it clear what the Reformation means.Blessed Pope Pius IX rightly recognized Protestantism in all its forms as ‘a revolt against God, it being an attempt to substitute a human for a divine authority, a declaration of the creature’s independence from God.’

  • “This revolt against God has had profound consequences.The great Catholic historian Hillaire Belloc points out that heresy does not only affect the individual, but also has a negative social impact.” (ibid.)We have to live according to some creed/beliefs and, if the truth of this is distorted by heresy, we end up with a whole society whose entire structure is oriented away from Christ.“It will create an environment that is not conducive to living the life of sanctifying grace, a society where evil is institutionalized.For example, thanks to the Protestant heresy, we have legalized divorce in society.Thanks to the Anglicans at Lambert in the 1930s, we have legalized contraception.Thanks to Protestantism in general, as the eminent Father Denis Fahey points out, we have the inordinate rise of the power of the State.This is because the Protestant does not look at his ‘church’ as an authority established by Christ to teach and govern all men.According to the Protestant, Christ never founded such a church.Thus, for the Protestant, the highest authority on earth is the State.This had the immediate result of increasing the power of princes and rulers in Protestant countries, which gave rise to State Absolutism, and even what was called ‘the Divine Right of Kings.’As the secular kings and leaders gained temporal power due to Protestantism, the Social Kingship of Christ went into decline.” (ibid.)






                We need to learn well Francis’ major documents if we are to cooperate with the Holy Spirit working among us and to follow the lead of the Pope in rebuilding and strengthening the church for its work and vocation in our present modern period.  The attached document, ‘A three year O-K Provincial plan: Cooperating with the Holy Spirit and Pope Francis,’ is the strategy being used by the Ontario-Kentucky Province of my own religious community, the Congregation of the Resurrection, to achieve this purpose, which is truly God’s call to us at this time.  I thank our Provincial superior (Father Murray McDermott, C.R.) for his approval of what I am doing with this material in making it available for the use, work, and call of the Consortium.

                It is not a difficult strategy to use or implement.  So please use it (or parts of it) as you see fit in ways that will help your Christian/Catholic community to follow Pope Francis more closely in his vision.  Thank you.



  • The other day I ran into a statistic for Canada that really shook me up.The statistic is this: in Canada, there are 13,000,000 families that have to face the possibility that they might be homeless!I knew the figure would be high but this is really high!I have no sense of what the figure might be in the United States or Western Europe or Australia-New Zealand but my sense is that no matter what these figures are in these areas, they are high!I share this with you because in his exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis makes it very clear that the Church today in ministering to families will need to address new challenges and the above must be one of these challenges.Please be kind enough to pray (and pray hard) for families who need to live with this possibility before them.Thank you.


  • President-elect Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States (at the time of writing this, he has been president for about two weeks.)It is no secret that there is a lot of turmoil in the United States at the present time and the country is in great need of peacemakers and especially peacemakers at the leadership level.Please pray for the United States and the new president that God in His/Her great mercy, love, and compassion will shower the nation with the graces needed at this time.Thank you!


  • Our best bet is to respond to President Trump’s inauguration as Pope Francis did.Francis congratulated the new president on January 20, 2017, and prayed that God would give Trump wisdom and strength.Below are the words Francis used.

  • “At a time when our human family is beset by grave humanitarian crises demanding farsighted and united political responses, I pray that your decisions will be guided by the rich spiritual and ethical values that have shaped the history of the American people and your nation’s commitment to the advancement of human dignity and freedom worldwide…

  • “Under your leadership, may America’s stature continue to be measured above all by its concern for the poor, the outcast and those in need who, like Lazarus, stands before our door.With these sentiments, I ask the Lord to grant you and your family, and all the beloved American people, his blessings of peace, concord and every material and spiritual prosperity.” (Elise Harris, Catholic News Agency/EWTN news, “Pope Francis prays for Trump on his inauguration as US president,” January 20, 2017, 10:58 a.m.)


  • Happy New Year to our Chinese brothers and sisters (especially to those who share our Christian Faith) at the beginning of their New Year.May God be kind and generous and loving to them as they begin the New Year. (the Year of the Rooster).

  • A bit of fun now.Here is some food trivia that you can ask yourself (author unknown).

    Chinese New YearFood Trivia

    Match the food with the Chinese symbolic meaning.

    FOOD                                                             SYMBOLIC MEANING

    Oranges                                                                     1. Wishing Everything

     [And Everyone] well

    Candy Tray                                                               2. Brings strong

                                                                                        family relationships

    Lychee Nuts                                                             3. Togetherness

    Bamboo Shoots                                                       4. Tray of happiness

    Peanuts                                                                     5. Good luck and happiness

    Coconut                                                                     6. Brings long life


    The matched answers can be found at the end of this Newsletter.

  • The above tells me something about God’s children if I look closely.Whether we speak about the Chinese or Italian or American or Canadian or Japanese or Ethiopians or Ghanaians or Moroccan or Jewish or Arabian or etc., etc., (in the little things like the above food items if we were to do the same for all people), note the following qualities that God our Loving Creator has put into humankind:

    • hopefulness (for the better)

    • optimism regarding life (rather than cynicism)

    • Social (tendency to community)

    • Peacefulness (rather than aggressiveness)

    • Importance of family (more so than individualism)

    • Happiness (at least the desire for it)

    • Desire for others to be treated well

    • Blessings desired for others (“good luck” and “brings long life”)

    • Whatever else strikes you legitimately from the above list.

      God did a marvelous wonderful job of creating us so beautifully and placed us on a very high level; however when Jesus Christ became incarnate and joined us as our Divine Brother, the level went sky-high!  We are called by our Faith and Baptism to see all persons through these kinds of lenses!  If we do so with the grace of God, how could we ever hate another person???


  • In a recent past newsletter, we explored what a person could do to reduce the chances of getting the flu or a cold.One more simple suggestion could be added there:

    “boost your immune system and prevent common colds

                Cold Assist capsules                                   Multivitamins

                Vitamin C                                                      Echinacea”

    (“Live Well informed.  Let’s talk about … your flu shot,” Pharmasave pamphlet).


  • “Disruption [in our lives] leads to direction” [if we work at it] (Bishop T. D. Jakes): so do something to help yourself when you are suffering grievously instead of doing nothing.Get started on your healing/grieving!


    God bless you and your loved ones and all those you are privileged to serve during this New Year 2017 and this New Beginning!  Amen!



    Answers to Chinese Food Trivia

    • Orange – 5

    • Candy Tray – 4

    • Lychee – 2

    • Bamboo Shoots – 1

    • Peanuts – 6

    • Coconut – 3



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