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Consortium Newsletter - October 21, 2016

“We get blessings all the time and so we should express grateful prayer all the time!”

Year of Mercy October 23rd to October 29th, 2016

Lord help me forgive myself. Amen

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part EE by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

The Pope teaches that Islam is not violent!

Year of Mercy October 16 - 22nd, 2016

Be Merciful to Our Pope!

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part DD by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

Islamophobia is even more present than before! What are we going to do about this?

Consortium Newsletter - October 7, 2016

How Is Your Attention Span?

Year of Mercy October 9 - 15, 2016

Have mercy, for God’s sake! What does it mean to be merciful?

Consortium Special Edition October 2016

During this Year of Mercy, reach out to our Separated and Divorced and Bereaved Sisters and Brothers in mercy, love, compassion, and understanding

Summer Musings Part Seven

The Pope Fights Back!”