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4th Sunday of Advent - Sunday, December 23, 2018

Between now and Christmas Day, let us find and make time to make a serious response to our God Who keeps coming to us no matter what is happening or going on around us.

First Sunday of Advent - Sunday December 2, 2018

Advent will be over before we even realize it!

Consortium Newsletter

May the Risen Lord continue to bless you always in all ways.

Consortium Newsletter for April 20, 2018

I need to grieve but how do I start since I have not done this before?

Consortium Newsletter for April 13, 2018

Are Splits Developing in the Church Over What Pope Francis Writes?

Consortium Newsletter for April 6, 2018

Can I get angry at God when I am grieving a loss like a broken marriage relationship?

Consortium Newsletter for March 29, 2018

The Fabulous and Unbelievable Gift of Easter

Consortium Newsletter for March 23, 2018

The Need For Hope In Our Lives

Consortium Newsletter for March 16, 2018

What do we do with Negative Emotions?

Consortium Newsletter for March 9, 2018

"Stress getting you down? Try Mindfulness!”