Blog posts for Father Fred Scinto

Consortium Newsletter for January 26, 2018

Glitches on the Chile-Peru trip regarding sexual abuse!

Consortium Newsletter for January 19, 2018

Amoris Laetitia: Its reception in the United States

Consortium Newsletter for January 12, 2018

Reflection On and Conflicting Views on Amoris Laetitia

Consortium Newsletter for December 22, 2017

Pope Francis! A Dictator? Plus, Handling Physical Pain

Consortium Newsletter for December 15, 2017

Pope Francis is intellectual and theological and Some new developments regarding the grief process

Consortium Newsletter for December 8, 2017

Pope Francis Rebuilding Today’s Church plus Separated and Divorced Catholics and the Stress of Divorce

Consortium Newsletter for December 1, 2017

A happy and holy and grace-full Advent to you, to those you love, and those you are privileged to serve!

Consortium Newsletter for November 24, 2017

“What does the “Schism” in the Church look like? And The Importance of Vatican II for Pope Francis’s Church reform.”

Consortium Newsletter for November 17, 2017

"Marriage Research And What It Shows Today Along With Some Suggestions For Increasing Happiness by Positive Psychology.”

Consortium Newsletter for November 10, 2017

“Gratitude and Thankfulness Are Powerful Helps!”


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Father Dan Lobsinger's pictureGod’s love through Jesus’ death and Resurrection is the final victory over eternal death.

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Raphael Ma, C.R. Professes His Final Vows
Wednesday, November 21st was a memorable day for Raphael Ma, C.R.

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