Mirwa and Kizaru Matongo Outstations

I went to the Mirwa Outstation with Brother Michael on Sunday, October 2 for the 7:00 am Mass. The children sit in a special section at the front…

Baptisms at St. Theresa’s Small Community

Saturday, October 1st is the feast of St. Theresa; there is small Christian community just a block from the parish church where people gathered for baptisms and Eucharist…

St. Petro’s Small Community

Early on Saturday morning, seminarians Bryan and Gervas walked with me to celebrate Mass at the small Christian community of St. Petro. Although it was early…

October for Mary

The beginning of October heralds a parish celebration of the rosary. We gathered at the main church for the inaugural prayer service, which would then move to the Marian grotto for the rosary.

Nkyamko Outstation & Gymnasium

Mission Life in Tanzania. On Sunday, September 25, Br. Michael and I went to another outstation called Nkyamko. That week I also visited the new gymnasium

Home Sweet Home

My suite of rooms that I have in the Buhemba parish is in the building that usually houses the novitiate. Previous inhabitants were Fr. Andrzej and Br. Michael. In the bedroom, you can notice the “mosquito preventions”: mosquito netting and electric “tennis” mosquito killer! So far, there have been few casualties.

Arrival in Buhemba (II)

The main church in St. John Paul II parish was full. The choir provided great music and singing, with the full participation of everyone. Fr. Andrzej was the presider and […]

Arrival in Buhemba (I)

After stopping for lunch at Butiama to visit with Fr. Philip, Br. Mosses, and our seminarians Audax and Jerome, we drove to St. John Paul II Parish in Buhemba. Present […]

Trip to Buhemba (II)

I found out that the seminarians’ vacation is not totally about “time off.” In Tanzania, they are expected to visit and to help out at their local parish when they […]