Buhemba Parish Welcomes Fr. Evandro Part 1

It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive between the parish in Butiama and the parish in Buhemba. It seems that word spread quickly that we were returning to the Buhemba parish for a few days. We had a great “informal” greeting at the gate!

Fr. Evandro Visits the Resurrection Sisters

After the tour of the Butiama parish, we met with Fr. Phillip and then, afterwards, had a wonderful lunch. Fr. Andrzej joined us for lunch and then all of us drove the short distance to visit the Resurrection Sisters in Buturu.

Fr. Evandro Visits Butiama

After the weekend, Fr. Evandro, Francesco and I drove to Butiama to meet with Fr. Phillip and Br. Mosses.

Fr. Evandro Visits Morogoro: Part 1

Early in the new year, Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R., our Superior General in Rome, contacted me about the possibility of coming to Tanzania for a short visit with our new Econ General, Mr. Francesco Ruspoli.

Most People Love Dogs

We have two guard dogs: Simba (Lion in Swahili) and Rex. Both are German Shepherds. Simba, the female, is older. Rex, the male, is a young adult.

A Good Trip to Morogoro

Before leaving Buhemba, I wanted to check out the progress of the new secondary school and the renovation of the athletic field.