40th Anniversary Celebration in Morogoro: Part 1

I left Buhemba on Thursday, April 27. Fr. Yohana would drive with me, and he would return to Buhemba on his own. We would pick up Lameck Juma in Butiama to drive him to Morogoro, arriving on Friday, April 28.

40th Anniversary in Buhemba: Part 3

The gifts just kept coming! At one point I almost started to cry, but Fr. Maciej came over and put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Take it easy. There is so much more to come…people love you very much!”

Harry Potter Movie

The celebration began with an event for the altar servers on Saturday, April 22 so that I could express my appreciation for their great service while I was in Buhemba.

Two Birthdays

We celebrated two birthdays in our residence in Buhemba. Br. Michael Mabuluja celebrated his 30th birthday on March 22nd and Fr. Maciej Braun celebrated his 46th birthday on May 14th.