To What Does God Call?

In other words, in responding to our vocation, we entrust ourselves entirely into the hands of Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Are You a Credible Witness?

We are all called to proclaim the good news of the forgiveness of sins.  But are we in touch with God’s forgiveness?  Are we credible witnesses of these things?

Set Out

What it means to “set out” is going to look different for each one of us based on what is going on in our life right now and the choices we face. 

Love of God Fully Revealed in the Paschal Mystery

Understanding Jesus’ suffering and death as part of the Paschal Mystery involves viewing them in the context of his Resurrection. For resurrectionists, the Paschal Mystery is at the heart of their message. Could it be that God is also calling you to spread this Good News with others?

What is the Paschal Mystery?

The Paschal Mystery is not just a Christian metaphor for natural cycles of death and life, or psychological processes of crisis and resolution.  The Paschal Mystery is a personal invitation from the Risen Lord

Do you let Jesus illuminate your path?

Today’s Gospel captures the essence of the Good News. It highlights God’s unconditional love for humanity, for you, and the promise of eternal life for all who believe in the life brought by Jesus.

You are that Temple

Often people refer to Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple jokingly or half-jokingly as a “holy” justification for outbursts of anger, saying things like: “well, Jesus flipped tables.”

Are You Open to Being Guided by Jesus?

Knowing we are loved is important, but hearing it is equally crucial. Can you hear God speaking to you: “You are my beloved Son, you are my beloved Daughter”?