Do I have a choice?

God really does give us a choice.  And God even gives us the freedom to say No.  The real question is – what is it that we are really choosing by our Yes or No?

Nobody ever asked me!

Often in our lives, the simplest things can be the most life changing.  In today’s Gospel, the reply of the people standing around in marketplace is – nobody ever asked us. 

…as I had mercy on you?

If you’ve ever tried asking God to reveal to you what your vocation is, you’ve probably experienced having to wait for an answer. 

Are You Listening?

Every genuine vocation, no matter what it is – is built on a healthy relationship with God.  And a healthy relationship with God…

What are you holding on to?

Congregation of Resurrection - Donation Background Image.

This same paradox is also present when it comes to discovering your vocation.  Very often, our fear of letting go – even for a single day…

Fear and Discernment

The gift of the Fear of the Lord gives direction to our fears.  When the fear of separating ourselves from God – because we love God – is really the one thing we fear most,

Have you tried asking?

Even Jesus thought during his public ministry that there were not enough labourers for the harvest!  This is not a problem unique to our time. 

You’re Invited

Our Divine invitation, our vocation, our call, addressed to each one of us: to enter this mystery of love…

Spirit, lead.

The Holy Spirit alone leads us on the way from within, and brings us back when we go astray. What is the way that the Holy Spirit is pointing out for you to go?