2018 Founders' Day

March 6, 2018

Fr. Chester Chmurznyski, C.R. presiding over the service.

On Saturday, February 17th a number of C.R.’s and The Apostles of the Resurrection gathered together in St. Eugene’s Chapel at Resurrection College in Waterloo to recognize Founders’ Day.  A prayer service and presentation focusing on Father Pawel Smolikowski, C.R. was held.

Fr. Pawel Smolikowski, C.R. 


A brief biographical outline was read by various Apostles of the Resurrection and by Fr. Florian Stasinski, C.R. 

Fr. Florian Stasinski, C.R.


Ms. Alice Soeder, one of our Apostles reading about Fr. Smolikowski, C.R.


A slide show of pictures of Fr. Smolikowski was also featured.  Father Pawel was a saintly figure of the Church and Poland at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.  He was a devout and wise religious, a great educator and teacher, an invaluable spiritual director, an ascetic writer and historian.  On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 Pope Francis signed a decree on the heroic virtues of Fr. Pawel Smolikowski, C.R.

The second part of the Founders’ Day presentation was a lively musical presentation by the Canadian Folk Choir Ludowa Nuta from Hamilton, ON.  Polish songs from a number of the Polish provinces were sung and the choir members were dressed in special costumes from their respective Polish province.


They featured a song using an instrument made from goats’ skin which sounded similar to Scottish bagpipes as well as a song featuring shepherd’s horns.


As you can tell by the smiles on the performers faces it was a very lively, fun filled event for all who attended. We would like to thank this choir for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and be part of our Founders’ Day celebrations. It was greatly appreciated!

A delicious lunch followed this event with more singing and lots of laughter.  Thank you also to our St. Stanislaus Canonical House for preparing this presentation.  As Fr. Murray put it “it was the best Founders’ Day he had ever attended!” We second this comment whole heartedly!

Ludowa Nuta Member

Apostle and Fr. Jim Link, C.R.