Spring Tonic Part II

May 19, 2020

"Spring Fantasy, during a Fantasy Spring in Canada"

By Fr. Eugene Funcken, C.R.

What a joyous new spring dawning,

Field and flower laugh delight;

What a swirl and swarm and sweeping

Rings the realm of nature bright.

Brightly shine the streams of sunlight,

Lightly laughs the heavens blue,

Smallest birds sing joyous bounty,

Field and meadow beam new hue.

Flower colours flash and flourish

Far as any eye can see;

Flitting bees with buzz alighten

Here on rose and rosemarie.

All is living, all is laughing,

Field and meadow, forest, stream,

While a springtime breeze wafts softly,

Easter joys the earth redeem.

Oh who would not pause in silence,

Kneeling still upon the lawn,

Drink the fragrance of spring violets,

Dreaming of Elysium?

But cease! What sound?

The wind-howls storming.

Ah! the bite of icy screams.

All about in house-high billows

Snow destroys my freezing dreams.