1st Sunday of Advent, Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Father Paul Voisin

November 25, 2019

This season of grace, Advent, calls us to “stay awake”.  This is not like the difficulty to stay awake when we are over tired, and ‘nod off’, perhaps in front of the television or during a meeting or class.  Jesus calls us to “stay awake” to His presence, and the work of grace in, through, and around us.  Our ‘sleep’ dulls our awareness of these realities, and we miss out on opportunities to share more deeply in the life of Christ, and to share that life with others.  Advent is a time to prepare ourselves spiritually for the celebration of the birth of the Saviour.  “Stay awake” means to spend each day in union with Christ, in particular in prayer, during these days, so that the gift we present to the Lord on December 25 is a renewed heart, mind and soul; a more united family; and a faith community that lives and witnesses more fully to the presence of the Lord.  So … “Stay awake!”