Saturday, February 6 is the next Apostles of the Resurrection Gathering

February 03, 2016

Come join in the fellowship, fun and share a lunch with this exciting new group!

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part H by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

January 28, 2016

We continue with the topic of the increasing opposition to our Holy Father and the rough year the Pope had in 2015 with things happening that could be used against him, his papacy, and his reform of the Church.

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part I by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

January 28, 2016

“Vatileaks and corruption in the Vatican and the call to reform this by Pope Francis.”

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part G by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

January 14, 2016

In the 2014 traditional Christmas greetings of the Pope to the Roman curia, “Francis issued a blistering, public dressing down of his closest collaborators by diagnosing the 15 ailments of the Curia. He accused the cardinals and bishops of the Vatican bureaucracy of using their careers to grab power and wealth, of living ‘hypocritical’ double lives, and of forgetting – due to ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s’ – that they are supposed to be joyful men of God.” (Winfield) This did not go well and it seems that Francis did not help his own cause by these comments!

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part F by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

January 08, 2016

“To understand the family today we need to enter … into the mystery of the family of Nazareth, into its quiet daily life, not unlike that of most families, with their problems and their simple joys...

New Beginnings January Events

January 07, 2016

The three listed events are quite suitable for those that are in bereavement over the loss of a loved one or some other great loss and for those who are journeying through the traumatic experience of separation and/or divorce

Rise Up Conference 2015 - Montreal

December 30, 2015

Fr. Toby Collins, C.R., Fr. Michal Kruszewski, C.R. and Fr. Paul Szymanowski, C.R. are presently in Montreal at the Rise Up Conference. Obviously all the snow that has been dumped on Montreal in the past couple of days hasn’t “snowed under” their enthusiasm!

Celebrating this Joyous Season!

December 29, 2015

Resurrection Staff members and members of Resurrection Manor gathered together on Tuesday, December 22nd for their annual Christmas celebration

What Happened at the 2015 Synod Part E by Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.

December 23, 2015

The emotional intensity of the synod is amped up because of perceptions that the pope’s positon is still a work in progress.

A Joyful Celebration

December 21, 2015

It was Bogdan Janski’s dream that both the laity and the consecrated religious would work together for the resurrection of society – each in their own way, proper to their vocation.